How Social Media Is Posing a Danger To E-commerce In India?

By all odds, social media is a boon for E-commerce as it has supported in promoting several businesses, building brands, communicating with customers and increasing followers of various eCommerce businesses. It’s the new method of word-of-mouth marketing that leads to grow their customers in a short period of time. Now eCommerce businesses can easily connect and reach out to their customers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., which was not at all expected a few decades ago.

Though, social media is a perfect way to lead customers, it’s also a perfect place for customers to rave about poor experiences of e-Commerce businesses. However, if their social media strategies are not well crafted and executed , it can’t go a long way as proper focus is needed by company to lead potential buyers, or else it may cause a threat.

Following are few social media threats which can pose a danger to e-Commerce if not executed in the right way:

Execute without a Plan– For any kind of business, planning is very essential but there are many e-Commerce companies that fail to realize this while developing social media scheme. They don’t even remember that audience who follow them on social media are potential buyers who are fan of their brand and such followers always look for interesting. But, what if customers find all such self-centric or uninviting content in the company’s social media websites? Of course, they will stop following the brand. So, making a well-executed social media plan is very important for online business.

Brushing off Social Media Complaints– There are plenty of disgruntled customers who turned to social media to express out their product dissatisfaction with that company from where they have purchased their product. But, these complaints are generally ignored and treat social networks as a one way marketing channel. Don’t you think in this way eCommerce is making a rod for own back? Without attending or replying to their complaints may pose a threat or harm to the company’s reputation. In this way, they are annoying their fans and giving them a chance to post negative reviews about that company’s product on other social media websites which will eventually maculate the reputation of that company in the eyes of audience.

Advertising Products to Everyone– The major mistake that e-Commerce companies make while using social media is advertising their products to everyone and this is what the most common fault every marketers make. E-commerce businesses don’t know that social media marketing allows them to target folks on the basis of their likes and dislikes. They just keep on promoting their products without ensuring that people are interested in such kinds of products or directly or indirectly related to it or not. So, in order to get dislikes from people stop advertising everywhere, and target those who say they like that product and liked related pages as well.

Posting Too Often– To be in the heart of publics, it’s very important for e-Commerce business to be activated on social media by posting useful and relevant content, in order to engage people who are following them. But, posting too often with too many updates can cause threat to them. Such businesses think that posting too often will make more visible amongst their folks but the real fact is that it irks people and drive them to turn back or unlike that e-Commerce social media page. Such businesses should plan about their social updates via Buffer or HootSuite services so that their posts are delivered at the time when their followers are listening.

Thinking that Social Media is a One-way Street– E-commerce business think that social media is the way through which they can build or promote their brand and that’s true, but interaction is equally important while using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Because these social media channels are completely different from all those traditional marketing like banner ads, print, and TV, which are completely one-way. Unless e-Commerce businesses will interact with their customers, they can’t build their brand with good response because customers also want to talk back and clear their doubts and if there is no response by the company, it may cause a threat. So, focusing on long term relationship with audience is very important, so as to win that trust factor before promoting the products on all social media channels. Else, failing to create a social media community can slowdown the e-Commerce business.

Tuning out Competitors-Today, all the e-Commerce companies are activated on social media websites and keeping an eye on every competitor is very important so as to be aware of their social media strategy. This is only possible when they keep visiting their competitor’s social media channels and reading their press releases daily. This is the way through which e-Commerce companies can find new ways to interact with their social media community.

Defamation– Well, defamation is the communication of a false statement that can threaten the reputation of competitor’s business. It can either be libel or slander. So, e-Commerce business should speak or write genuine while comparing their own products or services with their competitor’s products or services. Any false claims can harm the competitor’s reputation or their employees and this can effect in a claim for defamation. All the information should be accurate and unfeigned.

So, if you’re running an E-commerce business, be aware of those threats while using social media channels for brand building or promotional purposes. Make sure that your social media marketing is not just your advertising platform, but also a prospect to interact, connect and know more about your customers gradually.